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Ion Martea


Ion Martea was born in Chişinău, Republic of Moldova, in 1983. He is an award-winning poet, novelist and critic, whose work has been published in Moldova, Romania, USA, Japan and the UK. He currently lives in London, United Kingdom.

Ion made his literary debut at the age of thirteen. Since then, he has published three books of poetry and one novel in Moldova. He has edited three poetry anthologies and has translated English, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Polish poetry into Romanian, and Romanian poetry in English. Ion is working on his first novel in English. Between 2006 and 2013 he was film editor for Culture Wars, the online review of the Institute of Ideas in London.

As director, writer and performer he appeared in several plays, including at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with his On Productions theatre company. He has worked in radio broadcasting and television. In the world of film, he contributed to David Wilkinson's The First Film (2015). He is currently a Solutions Architect at Tes Global.

He is an LSE graduate in Philosophy and Economics, with an interest in Philosophy of Film, specifically on the issues of representation of reality and identity construction. He initiated the Essential Films Series on Culture Wars in 2006, a series that aims at constructing a cinematic canon that is driven by conceptual analysis of the art form versus the more established entertainment criticism widely applicable to individual films.

Published Work

  • Păcat Primordial (Primordial Sin) (Chişinău: Pontos, 2002)

  • Imn Omului Neprihănit (Anthem to a Sinless Man) (Chişinău: Pontos, 2000)

  • Zbor de Prunc (Flight of a Babe) (Chişinău: Ruxanda, 1999)

  • Doar Şi… (Only And…) (Chişinău: Lyceum, 1998)